Is my tank repairable?
FMT does not recommend repairing tank once exposed to fuel.

My tank has corrosion. What can I do?
Once corrosion has started, it’s possible that the tank could have a leak failure. FMT recommends pressure checking tank for leak failure. FMT ultimately recommends a replacement tank.

Does ethanol affect my tank?
FMT has tested aluminum to E10 and E20; therefore, 10% and 20% ethanol will not affect your tank.

Why does my engine sound like is sucking air?
You may have a faulty anti-siphon valve, or a clogged or damaged pickup tube. FMT sells replacement anti-siphon valves and pickup tube assemblies once we can identify the tank.

How do I clean my tank?
FMT does not offer tank cleaning information. Please contact your local marine repair shop.

How do I order a sender?
Provide sender type and length or the label (sticker) information on the tank.

What type of senders do you carry?
We stock vertical resistive tube type, electrical, and visual float arm senders.

How much is a sending unit?
Depending on size and style units range from $50.00- $120.00 plus shipping. Tank model number is required to identify a sender.

How do I get a quote on a replacement?
Please provide the tank label (sticker) information on the tank and boat model and manufacture or the exact dimensions of the tank.

How do I get a quote on a custom tank?
Please provide a sketch of the tank with dimensions and fitting locations.

What types of coating do you offer?
FMT offers Macropoxy and epoxy finishes.

Can I replace my tank with a FMT EPA Compliant Tank?
Only if the boat is EPA compliant (Built after August 2013). These regulations are only for boats with gasoline fuel systems sold in the U.S. and do not cover diesel fuel systems.